Urban development: Estepona receives honorary award

For the redesign of the pedestrian zone “Avenida de España”, the city of Estepona receives the honorary award “Ciudades que Caminan” 2022 of the network of the same name.

Among other reasons, the jury highlighted the elimination of motorised traffic on the 1.5-kilometre stretch of the coastal strip. This represents a huge step towards more sustainable mobility. The coastal strip will become a place of transition between the city and the sea with a more pleasant, quiet and safe space open to pedestrians and where nature prevails.

The award also recognises the extensive transformation of the city over the last ten years. The city centre has been almost completely transformed into a pedestrian zone where motorised traffic is no longer allowed.

The goal of the Ciudades que Caminan network is to make pedestrians the main actors of public space. The honorary prize is awarded to municipalities that are particularly committed to pedestrian mobility.

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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