Sport: Contract awarded for work on the Arroyo Enmedio

The city has awarded the contract for the work on the Arroyo Enmedio sports field in the west of Estepona to the company Football Impact S.L. The company receives a concession for 40 years and pays an annual fee of 30,000 euros to the city.

After completion of the works, the sports ground will have a total of seven football pitches. These include one football field with natural turf, one football field with natural and artificial turf and four football fields with artificial turf. In addition, the current changing rooms and ancillary facilities such as the multi-purpose gymnasium, storage room and office/reception area will be expanded.

In addition, a 27,000 square metre green area will be created. This will be structured by a pedestrian walkway running through two areas. The first area is to the north and consists of a circular path. The second – more south-facing area – will contain a course.

The city can use the sports field for the period specified in the contract and also hold municipal events there. According to the city, the fees for the football fields are largely based on the prices in the municipal regulations.

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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