Sport: Contract awarded for the construction of a climbing wall

The city has awarded the contract for the construction of a climbing wall in the Parque Ferial y Deportivo to the company Sepisur XXI S.L. The climbing wall will have a total area of 662 square metres, divided into a speed zone (115 square metres), a difficulty zone (363 square metres) and block zone (184 square metres).

The covered outdoor space can also be used in the evening and at night as it is equipped with a lighting system. The wall will be built according to a specific standard so that competitions can also be held there. Besides athletes, the climbing wall is also expected to attract tourists.

The work will take six months. The costs amount to 1,682,158.94 euros, which will be financed by funds from the European Union (Next Generation EU).

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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