R3870778 | Land in Estepona – € 1,948,436 – 0 beds, 0 baths

Building plot in the municipality of Estepona, on Avenida Juan Carlos I (Main city center) with an area of 2,821.75m2.

Buildable area in m2t: 2,783.48sqm
Minimum plot: 600sqm
Maximum Height: PB + 7 (25m)
Maximum occupancy: 100%

Dominant Use: Residential

Compatible uses: All alternatives, community accommodation, offices. The maximum total surface dedicated to these uses will be 50% of the total building above ground.
Parking, commerce and hospitality, recreational or social relations only on the ground f loor and basement.

Alternative uses: Community Administrative, Teaching, Sports, Facilities and Services, Healthcare, Health and Socio-cultural Equipment and Free Spaces. Hotelier with the conditions ref erred to in ordinance H-2.

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