Infrastructure: The last sections of the coastal corridor are to be built

The Coastal Corridor project is entering its final phase after connecting more than 21 kilometres of coastline. To this end, the city will be tendering the last remaining sections in the next few days, namely in the Dos Hermanas area as well as in El Saladillo.

Work on the section in the Dos Herman area is expected to take four months. A 220-metre long and 4-metre wide pedestrian walkway made of printed concrete and cobblestones will be built. This will start at the entrance to the beach on Calle Dorada. In addition, this section will be provided with a 22.6 metre long wooden bridge over the Arroyo Dos Hermanas. Furthermore, work is still being tendered on a coastal corridor section that will connect El Saladillo and Benamara.

This project is being financed through the “Plan de Sostenibilidad Turístico en Destino – Fondos Next Generation” of the European Union.

Source and further information: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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