Housing construction: Keys handed over to owners in the “Residencial Garum” settlement

In Juan Benítez in Estepona, the first keys were recently handed over to the owners of 100 new apartments in the settlement “Residencial Garum”. Among the apartments are also social housing. The property was ceded by the Consistory to the Vimpyca Charitable Construction Entity.

The apartments have one, two or three bedrooms. All apartments have a parking space and a storage room. In addition, residents can use communal areas with a swimming pool and play facilities for children. There are also barrier-free flats in the development.

The city of Estepona is committed to the construction of social housing. Specifically, it is checking whether the construction of these is possible in Camino de Cortes (Atalaya) and Camino de las Mesas.

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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