Culture: “Estepona vive sus calles”

A new edition of “Estepona lives its streets” (“Estepona vive sus calles”) has been organised by the city for the weekend of 24 to 26 March. Locals as well as tourists can take part in the XII. Ruta de la Tapa, listen to concerts and watch various competitions.

For the XII. For the XII Ruta de la Tapa, passes must be collected in advance at the tourist office or at the participating businesses. Locals and tourists can then virtually taste their way through various restaurants and get a tapa with a drink for two to three euros.


Friday, 24 March:

10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.: IXth Inter-School Chess Tournament for Children, Chess Square

7 pm: XII. Ruta de la Tapa, passport collection at the tourist office and participating businesses

7pm: Opening of the VIII Cheese Fair “Popi, Sabor a Málaga”, Calle Terraza

8pm: Concert of the choir Magnum Mysterium conducted by Miguel Ángel Garrido Sánchez, Iglesia Ntra. Sra. del Carmen

8pm: Theatre performance “Messiah”/”Jesus Christ Superstar”, Parque Botánico Orquidario

10pm: Concert by the group “Mojinos Escozíos”, Calle Manuel Navarro Mollor

Saturday, 25 March:

10 am to 9 pm: VIII Cheese Fair “Popi, Sabor a Málaga”, Calle Terraza

12 to 8pm: Children’s festival “Crazy adventure”, Plaza Augusto Suárez de Figueroa

1 pm: Continuation of the XII. Ruta de la Tapa

5.30pm: Flamenco show with José Rodríguez and Adrián Quiñones (both musicians), Plaza Antonia Guerrero

7.30pm International video mapping competition as part of the “Estepona CREA 2023”. Artists from ten countries will project their works onto the clock tower; Plaza del Reloj

8pm: Performance by the flamenco group “Sonde Cái”, Calle Montemayor in Cancelada

8.30pm: Sing & Swing, show with the group ‘Vintage Experience’, Parque Botánico-Orquidario

10pm: Performance by the group ‘Siempre Así’, Chess Square (in case of rain, the show will be moved to the Auditorium Felipe VI)

Sunday, 26 March:

10 a.m. to 9 p.m.: VIII Cheese Fair “Popi, Sabor Málaga”, Calle Terraza

11.30 am to 1pm: Guided tour “Stories and Legends of Xeb-Alhamar”, in memory of Manuel Sánchez Bracho, organised by the association “Estepona Solidaria”, departure from Plaza de las Flores

12 p.m. to 4 p.m.: 13th National Ham Cutting Competition “Popi, Ciudad de Estepona”, Calle Real

1 pm: XII. Ruta de la Tapa

6pm: Performance by the flamenco group with Sandra Moreno and Pedro Heredia “El Pequi” as singers, accompanied by Pepe Ortega on guitar and Gemma “La Milana” as dancer; in front of the Auditoriums Felipe VI.

8 pm: XI. Pórtico de Semana Santa” concert by the Banda Municipal de Música de Estepona, conducted by José Antonio López Camacho, Auditorium Felipe VI.

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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