Art: Eneko Aspiroz paints to protect the seas

With the work “Profundo” by the artist Eneko Aspiroz, the “Route of Artistic Murals” in Estepona is also supplemented for the first time by a work that is located on the ground. The so-called Ground-Eco-Painting is currently being created by the artist on the public square next to the new town hall building.

The work, for which Eneko Aspiroz relies on drone footage, will in future show marine animals, among other things. The artist wants to draw attention to the consequences of plastic waste in the oceans and encourage viewers to protect the oceans and thus also the planet.

The work is the winning painting of the competition “Concurso Internacional de Arte Urbano Estepona-Jardín de la Costa del Sol”, which was announced by the city in cooperation with the developer AEDAS Homes. “Profundo” enters the “Route of Artistic Murals” as the 64th work.

Source: Ayuntamiento Estepona

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